INSIGHTS 9.15.23

Friday, September 15, 2023

Today is Toby’s birthday. He turned four. He doesn’t need anything. He has enough toys, mostly Gumby’s toys and cat trees, and I bought him few things last year. Actually, I had bought him a cute cat toy from Daiso, last Friday. So, he got his birthday present early.

I just returned from a walking meetup. Only three people showed up. It was already dark at 7:30PM. I ended up walking 3.8 miles and 11,649 steps on this walk.

Yesterday was new moon. A time loop?

Russell Brand is controlled opposition, purposefully performing shit to the masses. He is annoying because he runs his mouth too much, ranting about shit. Hugh Jackman is gay. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis?

Spiritual War continues, which is why they destroyed Lahaina, Maui as well as mass murdered many people for the land grab. Many celebrities and elites bought lots of land, especially Oprah, who wants to buy all of Maui. They went to turn Maui into the first Smart City, controlled by AI, similar to the 2018 movie, The Giver, which stars Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, and Jeff Bridges.  This Smart City will be a 15-minute city. The residents of this smart city will live like mind-controlled slaves, given certain community jobs to do. But the Lahaina natives are fighting back to keep their land and rebuild their community their way. They are currently staying temporarily in hotels or with family and friends until they figure out their next step. The survivors lost everything, including their jobs.

El Chapo’s wife got out of prison yesterday. She was in prison for only three years.  Her father worked for El Chapo. She was trafficked by her family for an arranged marriage.

The elites  want to create another lockdown, but mostly controlled with masks, like silenced, mind-controlled obeying slaves. It is all about the New World Order since 2023 is the first year of the New World Order.


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