INSIGHTS 8.29.23

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

At 9:30AM, I drove to the gym for my morning workout. This morning, I only did a strengthening and stretching class as well as some yoga for one hour and a half. Although it was only 80 degrees, the weather felt hotter because it was humid.

New flu is eris, which is the god of confusion.

August 30th is Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces, the second full moon in August. The first full moon was on August 1st in Aquarius.

Dawn soap gets rid of fleas and ticks.

Britney Spears has been on mk ultra mind control all her life as well as on lithium to control her actions. Her father is dying.

Shock treatments for childhood trauma to rid memories.

Bradley Cooper is gay.

Bathtub rituals—sacrificed in a bathtub.

Corpse water? Elisa Lam dumped in water tank on the roof.

Juggalo—a fan of hip hop group Clown Possy. They dress like clowns at concerts.

Retrograde is to slow one down and make them go backwards.


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