Insights 8.16.21

Monday, 8.16.21

One day after Sloan Bella’s 55th birthday, I noticed this video, where someone is doing a tarot card reading to figure out what happened to Keith Bella. It is interesting but sad. I appears to be an accident, and the man was probably under the influence of marijuana. He appears to be a family man and professional.

#1 Video #2 was cut off

part 2 video (first video was messed up by Youtube although nothing was really said).

Witness to her son’s motorcycle death dies mysterious at 29? Ryan overdoses on Mother’s Day 2021, which is probably suicided.

Christopher Bathum… Self-described “rehab mogul” Christopher Bathum, the former operator of more than a dozen drug treatment facilities in Los Angeles and Orange counties, was convicted Monday, Feb. 26, 2018, of 31 counts that include the sexual exploitation of patients and offering them drugs while they were trying to get clean. On Jul 14, 2020, he was sentenced for sexually assaulting patients. 

The Police is run by a freemason system, as well as controlled and trained by Israel.

On Mason Street?

Freemasons, Zionists and Satanists are trying to control the public as slaves. Public sacrifices. They use churches as cults to control people. Freemasons have to kill or sacrifice someone to be 33rd degree freemason.

Kevin Spacey has a new show. Two of his witnesses have died.

Mind-altering substance…

In every Rock Hudson movie, he was wearing a dress…

David Chappelle is now a clone. He tried to escape to Africa, but they eventually got him back.


Beauty Heathen Pagan and Tarot Channel does a tarot reading to figure out what happened to Keith Bella.

As she does the reading, she smells “Devil’s Lettuce?” Is that marijuana?

The death happened for a reason…it will uncover other things…Keith was a sacrifice, and the person is in hiding aware of everything…they will eventually be caught…corruption…career is ruined…narcissism…there is damage to a car when it hit Keith’s motorcycle. Someone knows more than what they are saying. Someone of power or wealthy…someone will confess…a lawsuit might occur…

Who is the person responsible? He was doing marijuana. White male in 40s and 50s. He is a family man with three young kids. He feels guilty and wants to do the right thing, but it appears to be an accident and he doesn’t want to ruin his life. He appears to be responsible and has a conscience. Self-preservation and taking time with options? He will eventually confess.


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