Insights 2.7.22

Monday, 2.7.22

Television shows continue promoting their crap. I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch that anymore. I am just currently watching the Winter Olympics. But I think they have reduced the promotion nowadays. It’s not as bad as before.

Go Fund Me has an issue with the Canadian Trucker Drivers protesting.

Black Lives Matters start racial wars to provoke a revolution between people in society. They are trying to create chaos in society. George Floyd was an actor and he isn’t dead.

CDC used to be a government agency. They had infected black men with a shot that had syphilis. George Floyd is with Illuminati.

I used to play with bubblegum cigarettes, puffing out the power before chewing the gum.

Zero Water filter is supposed to be better than Brita filters. I have only used Brita.

The movie, They Live, stars Meg Foster and a wrestler. The movie is on Youtube. It is about Reptilians controlling society.

Eddie Murphy is gay.

At 1:30 am, while watching a video, I decided to check on Gumby. I noticed his body wasn’t moving. I touched him to wake him up. I realized he had died in his sleep. He was sleeping in his cat bed and wearing a baby’s diaper.

Gumby D’Arcy, born 1.6.00 and died on 2.8.22, early morning in his sleep. He was 22. I adopted him from a neighbor in December 2008 when the neighbor had died of cancer. I decided to keep in indoors. He got used it indoor life fast. I bought him a 6 feet cat tree, which he loved and played in it until he was 18. But when he was 18, he killed 8 mice inside of my townhouse. He loved to cuddle as well as eat food and snacks. Last year, I took him on rides in a pet stroller that someone gave me.


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