Insights 12.3.23

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Soulmate has nothing to do with love and marriage. It is about souls from past lives.

Karmic lesson with being born a twin? I am not sure what that means. My brothers are Irish Twins, which is similar to fraternal twins. 

Biden’s daughter wrote in her diary that her father had sex with her and he used to shower with her. Biden also flirts with little girls, which is no wonder that he supports Ukraine, which has the largest pedophilia ring, and USA just happens to be the largest consumer of pedophilia.

George Clooney, Harry Hamlin, and Rande Gerber are gay, but each married a female beard to appear normal to the public. Barrack Obama is gay and Michelle Obama AKA Michael Robinson is a trannie, which is obvious that Obama’s chef was murdered because the chef was likely to expose information about Obama and Michelle in his book. 

Scientology is satanism.

It is unlikely that Woody Allen can have kids. And the proof is that Ronan Farrow looks nothing like him. He actually looks like a pale Frank Sinatra. Woody adopted kids with his stepdaughter that he groomed when she was a kid. Woody likely adopted Ronan so that Ronan is Woody’s heir.  I feel it is all about the money. 

Mackenzie Phillips was raped by her father and Mick Jagger, which is why she ended up being a drug addict, due to her traumatized life.

Castle in Belgium where they kill kids? I am aware that Nicole Kidman’s father was charged with child hunting. He was also a warlock.

Spiritual attack is when someone is taken out via some kind of external ways.


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