Insights 11.7.23

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

I did my usual gym workout this morning, consisting of one hour class and one hour of cycling. Then, at 6:30PM, I went to a walking meetup. Fourteen people and two dogs showed up. It is cooling down this week, mostly in the evenings. It might rain next week. The weather already feels like autumn/winter. While walking with the group at the Turtle Rock community area, I noticed a huge turkey balloon decor for Thanksgiving. 

Necromancy makeup?

All of the natives are being fucked by the Zionist-occupied government, including Palestinians by Zionist Israel, Natives of Maui by USA Occupation, Native Americans, and Canadian Natives.

I heard that Matthew Perry was trying to expose child trafficking and pedophiles in the industry because he had seen kids in a room, and he was also once at Epstein Island, where he was aware of the pedophiles.

Tiger Blood is adrenochrome, and Charlie Sheen consumes it.

Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey are pedophiles. They rape young boys.

The Velvet Mafia? Gay men who rain the swinging 60s?

Candy Spelling is greedy, and should help her daughter, Tori and her six kids in a trailer. Candy is probably jealous of Tori because Tori was close to her father, Aaron.

Golden Juice? Is that another name for adrenochrome?


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    • i know. he was taken out because he was going to expose something in the industry. someone spiked his drink and made him dizzy, in which caused his sudden drowning in hot tub, which is water portal ritual sacrifice. it is likely his personal assistant briana b. he was also seen with a venezuelan model/actress atheena crosby.


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