Insights 11.30.23

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Today was a cloudy November day, with mild temperature in the 60s. After my morning gym workout, I returned home. 

Henry Kissinger recently died on November 29th, 2023, at 100. He died in his Connecticut home, which his second current wife. He had two kids with his first wife. He also has 5 grandchildren.

Spirits are walking around us all the time, including late family, friends, pets, and strangers. We just cannot see them. Animals are very intuitive and psychic, which helps them maneuver in life.

It is important to start your own business to be financially independent and not work for others as a zombie slave by doing what makes you happy.

11 is master number and unrecognized potential, or 2, which has to do with relationships, partnerships, and love.

Today’s insights is the Queen song, Under Pressure. The music video fits in what is currently going on in society and the world. 


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