Insights 11.23.20 from a Kid

Monday, November 23, 2020

Sloan with her granddaughter and the little beagle. They receive gifts from their fans.

3 piles:

Pile 1:  Divinity—recognize the Divine in the mirror.  A new spiritual feeling…a spiritual change. A man comes to you for work connection. Ending cycle from one job to another. Within the next 10 days. You will educate yourself to do this job. A career change? You will create something that is different to do for work. Wait until end of December to make your decision. You will transform your life.

Pile 2: expression—ability to communicate with others. speak your mind with the people around you. Past life karma. Speak your truth about things that triggers you will correct your issues and help you move on. Educating yourself on evolving emotionally and not hold past wounds.

Pile 3: Love—what is valuable to you? Recognize who you love…shifting your beliefs about love. There is a boyfriend entering your life by March 2021.

Aliens are weird things that you never see. No more movies. weird phones in the future. Computerized life.


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