Insights 11.21.23

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

I started my day with three hours of gym workout—gym class with yoga and one hour of cycling on the stationary bicycle. I returned home, walked across the street to do some errands, ate salad bowl lunch at Luna Grill, and walked home in nice weather, around 74 degrees.

At five, I called my Call-in service for Jury Duty summons, and I was told that my group number isn’t needed anymore. I don’t have to call anymore, but I should keep my call-in summons for jury service postcard for proof that I serviced in call-in service, just in case they needed me.

I got ready for an evening walking meetup. Fourteen people and two dogs showed up. I ended up walking 5.6 miles, 2 floors, and 15,420 steps. The weather cooled down to 60s, and it is starting to feel like chilly autumn weather. I even noticed few trees in my neighborhood starting to change colors.

Mercury Retrograde in the shadow period.

Bestiality exists. It is when pathetic loser mentally ill humans have sex with their pet. Animal abuse!

Grandmothers who do porn? With whom? Who has a grandma sexual fetish?

Prince was into Sexual Magick and Sexual Orgies. Sexual Magick is used by reading certain verses in the Bible and using it in some way.

R. Kelly was a pimp for record producers and elites. He trained, groomed, and pimped out his bitches, who are likely to be escorts.

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are lesbian lovers.

Everything on TV is rigged, filled with bullshit, to control the public with mind control, and likely MK-Ultra.


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