INSIGHTS 11.2.23

Thursday, November 2, 2023

I went to the gym this morning, mostly cycling for two hours as well as hanging out in the steam room and sauna for a couple of minutes. I then went upstairs to stretch with some yoga poses. 

I returned home and did some internet research. At 6:30PM, I went to the evening book meetup. I couldn’t concentrate this evening because the book meetup was more social, although I got some reading done. 

This Sunday, daylight savings time ends. Time changes again for autumn, I think we get one hour more.

Matthew Perry? He beat up Justin Castro when they were kids. His mother worked for Pierre Trudeau. Matthew sold out by making a deal and signing the satanic contract. He was raised in Luciferian family.

Brooke Shields had a seizure from drinking too much water? She was raised in Luciferian family, where her mother pimped her out for work…


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