INSIGHTS 11.17.23

Friday, November 17, 2023

Atonement for one’s actions?

Ritualized Sodomy? Accessing crown chakra through acts of sodomy? Energy harvesting? To split, separate, and place spores into person’s energy.

Cabal blood mafia controls celebrity’s action and career as their puppets, paying them lots of money and giving them fame at a cost. They bind the celebrity’s soul. Black magick has karma, which goes back to the doer. Soul binding is when a person agrees to do something via contract. They are vampiric, parasitic leeches without any particular talent or skills. They use others and make their talents or skills as their own, profiting off others, making more money after their ritualized deaths because they can make more money off them dead than alive. Their contract is “in perpetuity.” It is about playing their game and doing as told as puppets, or they will be ritually sacrificed.

Elites think they are better than the public, which is why they want to enslave the whole earth under One World Government in a permanent N.W.O. Lockdown. It will likely be one of those dystopian, AI-Controlled 15-minute cities to control everyone as mind-controlled zombie slaves.

They know who wants to become famous, and they present a contract for fame and fortune, which is soul-binding. Alcohol and drug addiction makes them controllable. It opens portals in people, enabling them to see dark, negative entities, dying to enter their body and do stuff on earth through that addict.

Who do they go after? People who have some ability that they need, want or admire?

Julia Roberts and other wealthy celebrities are enslaved puppets to the system, hired to promote garbage to the public for lots of money and fame. Oprah lied about being poor when she was a child. She was actually very spoiled, and she ignores her brother, who is homeless in Chicago.

P. Diddy is a murderer? Beyonce is a high-witch, like Madonna and Meryl Streep.

Adrenochrome is a drug similar to meth or heroine. It supposedly keeps them young and thin so that they can live forever.

Famous people like Jennifer Hudson will sacrifice people around them to keep their fame and fortune. How do you think this American Idol contestant became famous? All the contestants were OK, which is why they go on a reality show to become so-called discovered.

Freemasonry is a form of satanism.

Tom Cruise and George Clooney are gay. David Beckham and Keith Urban are gay? Will Smith is gay, as well. I think his acting is gay.

They change timelines when the public wake up and figure things out to keep them moving backwards or stuck.

The media always pushing homosexuality and transgenderism is all about the depopulation agenda to stop people from reproducing.

Hilary Baldwin was a Yacht Girl. I think Olivia Jade was also a Yacht Girl…Haily Baldwin Beiber is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec Baldwin.

Someone intentionally set a fire under a bridge, where homeless people live in order to rid them from society.


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