Insights 10.8.23

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Today, I went to South Coast Plaza because I was seeking the Moka Pot Mini. But I didn’t find it. I stopped by at the OCMA, I decided to write a postcard. I couldn’t think of anyone’s address to send it to. I don’t memorize anyone’s address. I just meetup with different people at different places.  So, I sent it to Toby, who lives in my townhouse. I walked back to South Coast Plaza and decided to go to Walmart and Target in Irvine. Walmart didn’t have it, but Target had three that were the same as mine as well as one big one like my older one that I still have. But neither had the mini Moka. I plan to check two TJ Maxx stores this week. I returned home at five and noticed that I walked 4.4 miles, three floors, and 10,759 steps. I got a good workout walking all over the South Coast Metro area from the mall to MetroPointe to OCMA and back to my parked car, before I drove to Barranca Pkwy to browse inside Walmart and Target. I drink a refreshing bottle of Synergy raw kombucha—strawberry lemonade flavor. On the bottle, I noticed the WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT quote is “YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE OF YOU THAT EXISTS. LIVE FEARLESSLY FROM THE INSIDE OUT.”

October eclipses on the 14th? These eclipses can be seen between 8am and 9:30am in Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Vancouver, British Columbia. The moon will look like a black sihouette with a ring of fire. It will also be visible from Oregon, Texas, Mexico, Central America, and northern part of South America. 

Portable travel coffee maker and frothing want. My late mother had one but I don’t know how to use it. I bought a frothing wand from Target. Cappuccino on the go during morning traffic in LA?

Celtic sea salt? I like Scottish oatmeal. I use pink himalayan salt. 

Two timeline shifts. You will likely feel it when you stop talking to someone? I might not feel it then because I talk to everyone, everywhere I go. There was a timeline shift on October 2nd. You can change your timeline anytime in order to move forward into a better timeline. I didn’t do much on October 2nd, which was a Monday. I went to pick up my photographs at the film developers, but they weren’t ready. I picked them up on Tuesday, and I didn’t have to pay for them because they had machine issues. There was also a timeline on September 30th. Concentrate on what timeline you want to be on. Do what you love and raise your vibrations. 

Who drinks snake blood and why? Is that for a dark ritual?

Skinwalker demons?

Autism people are off between worlds? Higher vibration?


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