Insights 10.28.23 Full Moon

Saturday, October 28, 2023 is National Pitbull Awareness Day.

I drove to the bigger post office to mail four bills. The parking lot was crowded, and there was a long line inside the post office. I drove my MX-3, and it appears to be back to normal after they tightened certain areas in the engine that were loosened for some reason. I had a good drive, smooth and noise-free. At two, I decided to check out a Halloween Party at my Association’s park. I just hung out for two hours, eating junk food and taking snapshots. The weather is cooling down here because it was breezy but sunny. 

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Platform heels are stripper shoes for pole dancing? I cannot even walk in them very well, even though I have three cute ones.

Matthew Perry died today? He recently died at 54 from drowning? He was found dead at his LA home on Saturday. He was single and he didn’t have any kids. I wonder what really happened to him. He lived in Pacific Palisades, and he was found dead in his hot tub. This sounds similar to Aaron Carter’s death. I believe that Matthew Perry was suicided in the hot tub because water is a portal to the other side, similar to bathtub drowning, and he was likely an Illuminati sacrifice. Matthew Langford Perry was born on August 19, 1969 in Williamstown, MA and he died on October 28, 2023 in his LA home, but he was American-Canadian. He was mostly known for his role on Friends. Some say that Matthew Perry wanted to expose pedophiles in Hollywood. He actually died four hours ago, which is around four o’clock today.  He was found dead on an eclipse, lunar full moon in Taurus day.  He has Scorpio moon and Leo Rising as well as Leo Sun. He used to do drugs, but I think he went to rehab.  The actors on Friends used to practice satanism? I heard that before. Anthony Bourdain exposed that before they killed him.

Anna Nicole was murdered on an eclipse night.

Britney Spears or Bruce Willis might be taken out next? There is chaos around them to make them look crazy before their sudden death. Bruce also has brain issues, and he is going downhill. 

JLO’s daughter is now going by as They/Them. Maybe she has multiple personalities?

The Lucille Ball stage name translates to Lucifer Baal. Her real name was Diane Beaumont.

Lindsay Wagner is now a psychic and holistic healer. Dee Wallace is also a psychic.

Eclipse on Saturday, October 28th, full moon night. Taurus full moon, lunar eclipse.

I just glanced at the time on my computer at 8:19PM, which is my birthdate, 8.19, and it is now full moon? Getting loopy vibes. Both Matthew Perry and John Stamos’ birthdate was on August 19, as well.

Get enough sleep, drinking lots of water, and sweat a lot is healthy to rid unwanted toxins.


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