Insights 10.19.20: World We Live In

Monday, October 19, 2020

Robert Redford’s 58-year-old son James Redford just died. Robert Redford is redhead German, but he bleaches his hair blond for his career image. Charles Robert Redford Jr is an 84-year-old retired actor and activist. He has four kids, and he is married to is second wife, Sibylle Szaggars since 2009.  His son, James, a filmmaker and activist, died on October 16, 2020. He was raising awareness about organ donation when he died. He had bile-duct cancer in his liver. He was awaiting a liver transplant.

George Clooney is gay, which makes sense that Amal Clooney is his beard. Since he cannot have kids, they used a surrogate to create their twins.

The little beagle Jack is doing OK after surgery, with a cone on his head.

Coconut oil will take the infection out of teeth when you do oil-pulling. Gargle with coconut oil for 20 minutes.

Things will get worse for the New World Order agenda. People will continue to be enslaved to condition them for slavery in the New World Order.

Face Covering Enforcement to begin on October 16th.

By October 31st, it is important to stock up on toilet paper and canned food.

All government is Zionist-controlled, which makes it satanic liars to control the masses into slavery.

Anthony Hopkins is a reptilian lizard.

Marriage is hell because of control issues. It might be a better idea to have your own place while married to have your own space so that you don’t clash with your spouse. Who knows, maybe marriage of the future is living two lives, married life with spouse, and your own space for your own identity.

Huffing nitrous oxide freezes lungs. Now, it is huffing. And, licking frogs to get a high? Animal abuse.  I used to play with gum cigarettes, which just involved puffing out powder and then chewing the bubble gum. Before huffing, there was vaping. Peyote? Mushrooms? Adrenochrome is another drug for the rich and famous.

Skin-walker ranch? UFO ranch. Adrenochrome person, Hunter Thompson, hung out in that ranch. Lots of shapeshifters.

I didn’t take a good snapshot of the neighbor’s Halloween decor in this photo becaus there is a gorilla sitting inside the black vintage car and looking out of the car window, under the leg sticking out between the closed door. 


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