Insights 10.12.23

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Whoever saves Zionist fucking Israel is the anti-Christ? And, his age is approximately between 50s and 60s; this man will come over to America and change Americans? He is olive-skinned. Zionists are satanists to begin with. So, I wouldn’t be shocked. It is someone who defends fucking Zionist Israel. He will trick people because he will appear like some kind of savior. This anti-Christ will save Zionist Israel, and he is associated with June 1966, like Rosemary’s Baby.

But I agree that any older person who is sick and needs to go to the hospital will likely become worse at the hospital or at the doctor’s because they will be given something to worsen their condition. Don’t forget that it has to do with New World Order. Who were actually affected by this covid bullshit? People with already weak immunity with some kind of condition or illness, people who took the vaccine, and elderly who always have issues to begin with because of their age.

There are protests all over the world, supporting Palestinian resistance because Palestinians have been living in a concentration camp, occupied by Zionist Israel, since 1948. They have been bombed, tortured, murdered, and terrorized in order to steal their land. This recently also happened in the Maui Massacre to the native Hawaiians by USA Occupation for a land grab by celebrities and elites in order to build the first Smart 15-minute City in Maui. 


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