Helter Skelter

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

This week, I watched, Helter Skelter: the true story about Charles Manson, on the indie channel. Manson’s Ranch had no rules because he hated rules. It was a quiet place, where they mostly laid around doing nothing or watching TV. No one took a shower or bath. Manson was friends with Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson, in which they discussed work together. Manson’s female minions had run into Dennis, and they introduced him to Charles. Dennis took Charles and his minions to Brian’s house, and they all swam naked in Brian’s swimming pool. Brian’s first wife didn’t like them.

Charles Manson and his minions were known to be a family, sitting around all day, with sleeping bags in a hippies community.  Charles referred to them as his brothers and sisters. They describe him as playful and funny. Manson taught his minions dumpster diving at the best dumpsters, where they gathered their food. 

Sharon Tate was attracted to them because she liked their family-like group, where they often sat in a circle. But when she later got pregnant with Roman, she wanted out of this cult to save her baby. 


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