Hawaii Five-0 – Ua Lawe Wale

“Ua Lawe Wale” is episode two of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and the episode begins with the 15 year old girl who won the world championship paddleboard event in Hawaii being abducted afterwards.

McGarrett is called in to see the new governor, who isn’t entirely happy with some of his actions. Consequently, a new person is assigned to Five-0, Lori Weston, a former FBI agent and a current officer with Homeland Security. Neither McGarrett nor Hassley is terribly happy about this.

Five-0 is investigating the kidnapping. They quickly discover the kidnapper’s car, and the missing girl’s jacket in the boot drenched in a lot of blood. A secret social media profile on the girl’s computer also reveals contacts that she was keeping secret from her parents. This leads to the house of an older man who, at first glance, appears to be preying on a lot of girls and women. The man is missing, and things are not what they seem.

In the previous episode, “Ha’i’ole”, Jenna was seen with Wo Fat after the latter had murdered Victor Hesse. Is she working for him? That isn’t known as yet.

This episode’s name means “Taken”.


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