Hawaii Five-0 – Pu'olo

“Pu’olo” is episode fourteen of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and it opens with a delivery truck being hijacked. One of the two men on board reaches for the radio, and the hijackers open fire, killing the other driver.

Then it goes back to 1992, when McGarrett’s father is sending him and his sister away. He tells the 16 year old Steve that his Uncle Joe has got him a place in a military school, and that he and his sister are being sent away for their own safety. McGarrett Sr then tells Steve that he can always trust his Uncle Joe. This is important, because at the moment McGarrett doesn’t really trust Joe, and is following him when he gets a call about the attack on the truck.

It turns out that none of the packages that were supposed to be on the truck were missing. This is because the surviving driver has been paid to smuggle other packages on the truck, although he doesn’t know what is in them. That’s what’s been taken. To find what was stolen from the truck, they use Sang Min again to get close to the person shipping the package.

Adam Noshimuri  makes an attempt on Joe’s life in revenge for the death of his father. However, in the previous episode, “Ka Ho’ Oponopono”, Joe told McGarrett that Noshimuri wasn’t dead – he’d helped him to go into hiding. At the end of the episode, Joe finally reveals the truth about Shelbourne.

Danny is called by his pregnant ex-wife as her husband is out of town and she’s about to go into labour. I think that may be the first time this season she, or Grace, have appeared in an episode; I presumed they’d left the show.

This episode’s name means “The Package”.


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