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Hawaii Five-0 – Ohana

This episode – the title of it is a Hawaiian word meaning family – starts with a man being abducted by Serbian mobsters, despite having two bodyguards and an armoured car.

The man in question is a computer expert and a former employee of the National Security Agency with high level clearance. He had apparently become increasingly paranoid and was on the way to a meeting at an Air Force base, and he had details of a threat.

Steve and ‘Danno’ have, at the moment, a fairly argumentative relationship. Especially when Steve questions a suspect by dangling off the edge of a building.

The body of the terrorist, Victor, who killed Steve’s father in the first episode, “Pilot”, has not been found, despite being riddled with bullets. This is not a huge surprise – Victor will probably be back at a later point.

The titles of the majority of the episodes of the series are in Hawaiian.


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