Hawaii Five-0 – Pilot

“Pilot” is episode one of season one of Hawaii Five-O.

This is the first episode in the remake of the classic police series set in Hawaii, rather then the original series. It opens in South Korea, where Steve McGarrett, an officer in the US Navy and a, possibly former, SEAL, is on a convoy that is transporting a terrorist (who appears to be Irish of all things).

During the journey, he gets a call from the terrorist’s brother, demanding his release, or McGarrett’s father, a police officer, will be killed. The convoy is attacked, the terrorist dies, and Steve’s father is shot.

Returning to Hawaii, McGarrett is offered a job by the governor to set up a new police unit intended to operate in a different way to stop people like the terrorists. Initially reluctant, Steve agrees, and several people are found along the way.

Not your traditional police drama.


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