Hawaii Five-0 – Lapa'au

“Lapa’au” is episode eight of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and it opens with two surfers seeing a light plane falling out of the sky, nearly hitting them. There is a woman in the plane, but she’s already dead. The investigators at first assume it was an accident – as they don’t know she was dead – but Max quickly suspects that’s not the case.

The dead woman was a fairly new agent from the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She didn’t seem to be investigating anything major, but when the team look for her ‘red book’ in which notes are made of her ongoing cases, they discover that her house has been broken into, someone tried to drug her dog, and pages have been torn out of the red book. Danno takes a liking to the dog, which quickly annoys McGarrett – especially when the latter gets to sit in the front of the car instead. The ICE agent was presumably killed for her investigations into a smuggling ring. The natural thought is that what is being smuggled is drugs.

There’s a not-obvious possible suspect of the type that is often the villain when the scriptwriters are trying to be clever. This has been done so many times in different programmes that they are now obvious suspects, so it’s a relief when it turns out that that’s not the case here.

This episode sees Masi Oka, the actor who plays Max, briefly reunited with fellow star of Heroes, Greg Grunberg¬†(who plays the dead ICE agent’s boss). When they meet, Max says that he’s sure he knows the latter from somewhere, and scrunches his eyes up like Hiro, his character in Heroes, did when he teleported.

This episode’s name means “Healing”.


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