Hawaii Five-0 – Ha'alele

“Ha’alele” is episode twenty of season two of Hawaii Five-0 and the episode opens with a young woman standing next to her broken-down vehicle on a deserted road in the dark. A man in a van pulls up to see if she needs help, but he looks scary, so she tells him no and that a recovery vehicle is on the way. When a pickup trucks arrives behind her, she tells the scary man that this is who she is expecting, and runs over. In true horror movie style, the scary guy in the van wasn’t who she needed to be afraid of, as whoever is in the pickup drags her inside it.

Danny gets into the office to find a not from McGarrett. The latter has gone looking for Joe, to try and find out the truth about Shelburne. Joe hasn’t been seen since he left at the end of “Pu’olo” , but not before telling McGarrett that Shelburne was a fake identity that Joe and McGarrett’s father created, and that Joe killed Wo Fat’s father when he was using it, which is why Wo Fat is so hot to find him. McGarrett, it turns out, isn’t convinced that Shelburne isn’t real, which is why he’s going looking for Joe, but he isn’t seen in this episode until the very end.

The young woman from the beginning has turned up dead in a field, and Max says that her murder matches that of a serial killer known as the Trashman. The only problem is someone was arrested and convicted of those murders, so a copycat is suggested. Max feels that the man in prison isn’t guilty, and it turns out one of the original detectives wasn’t convinced either. Max has a personal reason for chasing up this case, and persuades the others to see if the wrong man was convicted.

Once certain facts are known, the reason for the murders is easy to guess, but the killer isn’t, and comes as a bit of a surprise.

This episode’s name means “Abandoned”.


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