Have you been to this neighborhood?

This video is interesting because I used to watch this kids’ show, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, when I was a kid. Fred Rogers interviews Margaret Hamilton, who is most known for the Wicked Witch of the West in the MK-Ultra mind control Zionist movie, Wizard of Oz. I have watched this movie many times when I was a kid, mostly because I liked how it changed from the black and white beginning to a colorful dream.

Yeah, as a kid, Margaret Hamilton used to give me nightmares in that role. But, without the green makeup and black clothing, she looks more like the actress Miayim Bialik, who is mostly known for Blossom and Beaches. I am also aware that Fred Rogers was with CIA, as well as a minister and he has a degree in music.  But I have also assumed he was just gay because of his personality. But he was married to a woman, and now she is a widow. I am not sure when he died.


What do you think?

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