The Hardest Job I Ever Had is Being a Mother – Shakira

Singer Shakira has two sons. She says that is very hard to be a mother. She even says that to be a mother is the hardest job she ever had. Some people asked her when she will retire. So, that’s why she asked herself too, when should I retire? She considered giving up her musical career.

This singer is 40 years old. She has two sons. One of her sons is named Milan and he is four years old. The other one is Sasha, two years old. She says that it is very hard to accomplish all obligations with the children and with the house. Also, she believes that with this situation is faced every mother. On this she adds:  “I used to be the centre of my world, and now I am only a satellite of my children.”

In the end, I want to ask you something.  Do you share her opinion? Is it really so hard to be a mother? 


What do you think?


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