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I know I’m riding a banshee from hell with this statement but that’s what I love about being me, I don’t really give a hoot what people think, when the truth is as visible as an elephant in the room and as ugly as the truth is, sometimes it’s still the truth.

My in-depth research shows the number of single-parent households in the world with multiple children by multiple fathers that are not actively involved in their child’s life and not paying child support is on the rise and is nearing epidemic proportions.

The worst example I have come across is a 20-year-old single mom of 8 children by 6 different fathers with her first pregnancy at age 14, this is in the U.S., indisputably, the most technologically, and socially advanced nation on the planet. It’s the third generation in her family to adopt this pattern.

Her mother and grandmother were pregnant by age 16 and had multiple kids by multiple fathers by age 21. This cycle of generational poverty is however completely avoidable with the use of free contraceptives in all three of these generations at the time.

 Condoms cost $00-10 or are given out for free by many community health organizations. There is no reason for this, except the fact that you won’t keep your legs closed.

 Well, because of this selfish act, if you don’t care to control your behavior that has, a negative impact on the global society at large, (the planet is over-populated by, 3.5 times) so, authorities need to step in and force you to comply.

I say there should be a 2 child limit and if you can’t prove that you can take care of those two then you don’t get to burden the world with a third.

When you can get off welfare and support the two children you have then you can have more. In some third world countries, people are having several children they can’t afford by age 29.

 China where strict limits have been imposed of 1–2 kids they are experiencing negative population growth which is a good thing but those are wealthy and educated people that the world actually needs more of.

So where the average Chinese family might have 1 child, a poor family in Africa, South-America and India might have 5 or more children. It isn’t just the global population growth that is the problem it is the fact that the poverty condition as such is multiplying at a rate of 5x faster than the rest of the world.

This is a list of things for controlling the human population:

* Free contraception and abortion services.

* Free sterilization services.

* Free psychiatric and counseling services.

* Free University education. FACT: Educated people have fewer children, and the correlation is SUBSTANTIAL.

* Financial incentives for having two children are lost when you have more children. This scale according to your net worth, not your income.

 Example, (You are rewarded for having 1 or 2 children, rewards are removed if you have 3. Wealthy people suffer serious tax liabilities for having more than 2 children, while the poor are exempt from this penalty. This PREVENTS ‘only the wealthy are free to breed’ situation).

List of things. If only ONE could be chosen, it should be free education. That is more likely to have the desired effect on its own than anything else.


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  1. First of all, it’s not your decision to make. Why would you possibly think that how many kids someone else has is any of your business.

    Second, you are worried about a problem that simply does not exist. In the late 1960s Dr. Paul Ehrlich, a biologist, wrote a book called “The Population Bomb” in which he said that over-population was going to destroy the planet in the 1970s and 80s and there was absolutely nothing we could do to stop it. Guess what. We’re still here.

    • When I last checked, I was allowed to express my opinion here Gary, as are you entitled to your view. In response, to your reference to Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s book, “The Population Bomb”, so, he was out by a few years, I’m not even entering into a debate on the matter, as there are legions of visionaries to completely support his base article. But, thank you, for taking part in my controversy experiment, that of a controversy sparking honest criticism and you make no secret of where you stand on that issue and I respect you for it. Regards, Andre’

      • Nowhere did I say or even imply that you had no right to express an opinion. I merely stated that your belief that you have the right to decide how many children someone else can have is arrogant at best and based on very faulty information.

    • Sure they do, one that stands out like a sore thumb is how divided they are as a nation. Things haven’t really changed since the Blue and Gray times, but in spite of this, when someone is hell-bent on destroying your land, I have yet to see another country unite as fiercely as do you Americans. As for not being aware of your problems, we certainly know quite a bit, there is CNN’ version or FOX news’s version and the truth lies somewhere in between right or left, depending on what the issues are about, ie. Birth control or Gun control. Like I said, a very normal country, with healthy differences of opinion.

  2. The part that made me grimace the most while reading this piece was that the US is “the most technologically, and socially advanced nation on the planet. ” Sometimes living here one wonders if that is true. Our social advancement has millions of children living in poverty, the wealth gap is absurdly enormous, we also may be the only “advanced” country not to guarantee citizens health care,… There’s more but it follows along these lines.

    • Ha, ha, We can dream can’t we? I thought you were going to say something about “keeping legs crossed.” The stats don’t lie, (mostly) and seriously, you surely do have many problems, but from my viewpoint, South-Africa, the U.S. is Utopia! Ask any refugee why the heck they all want to go and live there. Thanks for reading and commenting Howard.


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