Ghost from Other Side

Friday, 11.6.20

I returned from walking meetup at Woodbridge community, ate some salad and one pomegranate. I check out my iphone to noticed I walked 5.6 miles and 11,579 steps today. I relaxed and watched some videos. 

Meanwhile, I decided to watch these videos. Her son is trying to communicate with her from the other side as a ghost around her. I have only experienced that in dreams, which is enough for me. 

#1 Live Nov 6th 2020

Friday, November 6, 2020

She predicts that Trump will win the election for 2nd-term president. But both sides are puppets to the Cabal Zionists for the New World Order agenda.

Signs from ghost Keith indicate he is around her, messing around with things around her to communicate with her from the other side.

Johnny Depp lost his court case? Probably with Amber Heard. Many youtube videos talk about them always fighting.

#2 Part 2: Pick a Card Pile: 1, 2 or 3

Part 2 of the first video because she was thrown off her video. Maybe it was her late son, Keith, disrupting her video.

Pick a card from 3 piles.

Pile 2: past life karma coming into your life. You don’t understand what is happening to you. You need to clear them out. Writers and creative people. Ground yourself spiritually. Save yourself. Don’t worry about others. Take action and do what you need to do yourself.

Pile 3: keeping in social norms. Balanced sexual elements. Don’t let anyone any money. Don’t give money to someone who is sexually attracted to you.

Pile 1: you have been there before. Partnerships. You push people away because you are too judgmental. Wait to see how it turns out first. You fear commitment. Your partnerships in the near future are déjà vu. Handle these similar situations differently from before.


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