Foxy Brown movie review

Wednesday, 10.24.18

There is a full moon tonight, in which I googled and noticed it is called Hunter’s Full Moon. I am not sure what this means, but I hope it is positive.

I woke up and performed my usual routine. While slowly waking up to my breakfast and morning coffee, I decided to watch a movie on the indie channel–Foxy Brown.

I have never heard of this movie, probably because it looks kind of vintage but in color and I am not familiar with any of the actors. But, immediately, I noticed a 70s theme with 70s fashions and decor, which was interesting to watch. As I watched the movie, I noticed that this movie had a good drama with some action.

It was mostly about black people in the streets fighting back for justice. It starts with a black man who owns drug dealers a lot of money is being followed by mafia-looking people. He then calls his sister and drags her into his life and problems. She appears to be the heroine of the movie because she ends up going undercover to save her brother. Her boyfriend was also working for this mafia group, but they let him go, after messing him up badly. So, she goes undercover for mafia group to get her revenge for her brother and boyfriend.

What is interesting is this mafia group trains woman to look like mk-ultra sex kitten models to work for them as spies, messengers, and even escorts. It reminds me of the current actresses and models in the media. And, if they don’t do what they are supposed to do or go against the mafia group’s orders, they are sent to “The Ranch,” which is similar to today’s version–“Rehab,” which involves drugging, abusing, raping and traumatizing the person into submission.

I also noticed that the heroine of the story, Foxy Brown, is a black woman, and so is her brother, boyfriend and friends, while the mafia group are white. So, it is also a story of inferior black people verses superior white people in the 70s, and the black people were very frustrated because they were always trying to fight back as well as struggling to do something with their life. The white mafia group were very corrupt, making lots of money via sex and drug trafficking, and instilling intimidation and fear to control others into cooperating.

It is also interesting because I have some of these ideas into my graphic novel story.

Overall, I thought it was a good drama story. I have noticed that older movies like this are more interesting to watch than the current shit movies being created today.


What do you think?

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