FLP ODDCAST: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

THE FLP ODDCAST: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review!  The Oddcast is a comedy and artist interview audio podcast that shines the spotlight on every day artists.  The show also features outrageous comedy sketches, occasional musical performances, and fun!  In this episode, The Fault Line Players (FLP) review the new Marvel Studios film, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming!’  The troupe discusses the film and rates it – based on the troupe’s average scoring – on a scale of 1 to 10!  Plus, the always crazy and outrageous character, marge, drops by the studo to answer listener e-mails!  Fun!  Interviews!  And more!


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Written by Fault Line

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  1. What I know about Spider-Man Homecoming is that some writers are saying that Tony Stark did not do a good of being a good mentor to Peter Parker but played the role of a bully, one of the teens did not like America because of its racist past and the rich people in America are responsible for the poverty in our nation. Gee whiz. Who made this film? People who do not appreciate despite our nations dark past, we should love our America like a child loves his or her mother. Glad I passed seeing this movie.

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