Benefits Of Having A String Artist At Home….

Majority of our readers must be well aware of String Art already, which is also known as ‘Pin Art’ and ‘Thread Art.’ Today, I am going to show you people some String Art Works, done by one of my two daughters; studying Textile Designing at the ‘Lahore College for Women University’ (Lahore).

Attached here are 4 String Art samples of this decorative craft she’s recently completed. String Art is characterized by the arrangement of materials such as colorful threads, wire(s) or various strings, strung between points to form ‘geometric patterns’ as seen in these samples.

She was barely 4 when, one day she came to me with her first ever drawing, a pencil sketch of one of her favorite cartoon characters and I had a feeling; she’s blessed with natural artistic abilities. Now she’s into the final semester of her Bachelors and by far, she’s produced countless masterpieces in the likes of Sketches, Paintings or Fabric Paintings etc.

You’re all invited to have your say about it, while few words of encouragement would only boost her morale!


What do you think?

Written by Nadeem Iftekhar


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