Errand, Fixing Issue, & Dream

Monday, 4.26.21

Today, I woke up early to go to the gym, but I decided to skip my gym workout because I had to do some errands.

Then, I remembered I dreamt of an interesting dream, but I can only remember the ending. All I remember is I am riding my bicycle at a coastal area, on a narrow pedestrian path. I am looking for the particular street to turn into toward returning home, but I cannot find it. So, I decide to ride my bicycle near the buildings. These buildings look nice and new, with huge windows facing the coast. Nice oceanview. The area is quiet and peaceful because I don’t remember seeing anyone else in this dream. Sometimes, I get off my bicycle to walk it because there are some steps. I appear to be confused and lost because I am not sure where to go next…

So, I decide to wake up from this dream because there doesn’t seem to be an ending.

I wake up to notice today is Full SuperMoon in Scorpio, which tends to create intensity. So, this dream is probably associated with today’s full moon.

While doing my bills, I noticed my Edison bill now has a different account number. I called Edison numbers to see what is going on, and although I was waiting to look for assistance, the annoying autmation shit mentioned something about an upgrade in the system which will make holding for an operator longer as well as something about the account numbers have changed due to this new upgrade system. So, I decided to hang out because I wasn’t able to ask anyone about this, and I probably got my answer.

Meanwhile, I need to find an electrician because my townhouse outlets are off. The bottom outlet only works. The top outlet doesn’t work and sometimes leads to a fuse. So, I am currently using the bottom one. But I need to find an electrician to fix the top one. I have a handyman, but I cannot find him. Every time I call his number on his card, I get someone else’s house, and he tells me it is the wrong number. So, now, I don’t know what happened to my handyman.

I drove to the post office to drop off mail. I might just wait until I go to my meetups to ask around for a decent electrician.Maybe someone knows of one.


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