Enjoying Autumn Weather

Tuesday, 10.8.19

The weather is nice this autumn—sunny skies in 80s during the day, while cool at night. This evening, I decided to go to another walking meeting because I needed to get out. I am keeping tracking of my walking on my iPhone. 

During this Turtle Rock walking meeting, I noticed it was around 4.6 miles, from 6:30pm to 8:40pm. I was sweaty toward the end of the walk because I was also wearing my knit cap from Australia and a long scarf I had loomed. Since this walk was at a hilly residential area, I had climbed 11 floors during the two-hour walk. And, I walked 10,027 steps. 

Afterwards, I decided to go home, where I enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa, with goat milk froth on top as well as some cinnamon. I also snacked on some nuts and cranberry raisins as well as some Trader Joes crackers. 

I like the clothes, except for the torn jeans, in the above snapshots of a Forever 21 window display for this autumn. The colors are fun and warm-toned autumn colors, as well as they look retro vintage colors. 


What do you think?


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    • i have always like the change of seasons, and watching each season transform into the new season because it is all about out with the old and in with the new, like in seasonal fashions. even in california, there is subtle changes, autumn has the strewn colorful leaves all over the ground and colorful trees, winter has the bare trees and cool cloudy weather, spring has the colorful flowers, birds, and bees, and summer is about the bright sunshine and heat.


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