Dealing with Iran, Sorry No trade with US – Donald Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump has issued an alarm warning to the countries having business links with iran after the implementation of sanctions. In his message on tweeter, Trump give message to such countries, saying that if they do business with Iran, they will not be able to trade with the US.

After the signing of the US President’s order, the sanctions have been imposed before Iran on Tuesday morning. In this sanction Trump targeted various fields of Iran, while sanctions on oil imports from Iran will apply from November.President Trump added in his tweet that before such strict sanctions were never made, and in November it will be more harsh. I am just demanding global peace.

The apparent President Trump’s tweet is pointing to the EU countries, those who were told that they oppose american measures, and they have pledged to protect the legitimate trade of their companies. The first phase of American sanctions on Iran began on Monday, but their effects will also be set on India, Because after Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the third largest country to sell oil to India is Iran.

According to AFP, the North Korean Foreign Minister visited Tehran Foreign and  has met his Iranian counterparts, Both leaders discussed global issues, Syria and Russia condemned Trump’s sanctions on Iran.


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