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It’s a Darn Good Thing I called that Teacher!

It’s “Winnie the Pooh” Day. I love the 100 acre woods and you can bet your bootie I am taking this one seriously.

Yes there is proof that opposites do attract!

All great celebrations must have music!

Everyone has a favorite character, the good news is your favorite can change every single day of the year. Each of them has very special qualities and the 100 acre woods needs many characters. Some are a little scary!

You truly need to understand what you may find!  Some things are pretty scary.

You know, these “friends” didn’t just happen to know each other. Like we make friends they had to meet for a first time and then learn to appreciate each other. They are a very different and diverse group. Sometimes first meetings are kind of rough. Let’s take a look at one of those.

So today, even the serious people here can take a minute and appreciate how wonderful it can be to share an imagination and a song and a story with a child. Be childlike. Feel unfettered joy for just a few moments.  A great author created a great place where imaginations thrives. Please celebrate it. I would love some comments about how you celebrated.


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