Dark & Diabolical Disney

Sunday, 9.6.20

The two video below are by the same Youtuber. He connects pedophilia, celebrities, and the movies they do. Actors aren’t hired for their talent or appearance because most don’t have any talent nor good looks. They are hired to do certain jobs and promote certain ideologies to the masses who look up to them, even though their appearance is based on a head to toe makeover, which sometimes involves plastic surgery, to give them a particular look to promote as their celeb image. 

For instance, Pamela Anderson had the Bimbo Barbie look, which was more like Porno Barbie because she was known for being in playboy because of her oversized breast impants, overbleached platinum blonde big hair, tanned body, and skimpy bathing suits. The red one-piece bathing suit on Baywatch became her iconic look, which was similar to Farrah Faucet, Susan Anton, and more.

Tom Cruise had the action-hero image.

Tom Hanks had the comedian image.

#1 Breaking! #PrinceAndrew Runs To His Mommy As The Royal Family Crumbles!

He displays a clip of a short video I posted, depicting a naked Asian boy crawling out of one of the windows of a building and sliding down white sheets tied to each other. I had posted the video a couple of months ago, although the video was kind of blurry. It was at the Buckingham Palace. He was probably one of the missing kids abused there. I wonder if he escaped.

#2 Breaking! #Disney’s Evil Agenda Exposed In Pinocchio Movie Ft.#TomHanks

He describes a new Pinocchio movie. It will be about pedophilia, and Tom Hanks will play Pinocchio’s father. It is very dark, like a horror movie. I have noticed that about Disney movies and TV series since back in the 70s. I used to wonder to myself why this is for kids. It is all about witchcraft and dark content. That is why I eventually lost interest in Disney movies. I remember I only read the books once, and I didn’t want anything to do with these sick stories. I didn’t understand really why at the time. I just knew something wasn’t right. Dark stories for kids?

In the move, Pinocchio goes to an island? And, baby donkeys are thrown into cages. They are abused. And, they appear to be baby boy donkeys, held as slaves.

In Cinderella story, she is an orphan. And she is adopted and treated as a slave to her ugly stepmother and stepsisters. I also noticed that Cinderella was mentally ill because she was alone in a dark room with without friends or a loving family. She was often taken to herself, and her friends were the mice in room drab bedroom. The fairy godmother saved her life by helping her go to the ball to meet the prince, which she charmed into going after her after midnight. I don’t remember the details because I have read these stupid stories since elementary school.


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  1. These are wild and crazy times. I have Disney videos because I was collecting them at one time. I have one favorite The Black Cauldron but as an adult yes, I enjoy it because it is scary with the Horned King and witches and all but I don’t see it as a cartoon for children,

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