Cropsey Documentary Review

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Today, while eating breakfast, I decided to watch the documentary, Cropsey, on the independent channel. It is based on a real-life murder mystery, filmed by Josh Zemen, as he researches and investigates the murder mystery of many children. The murders took place in the 80s, in Staten Island, New York. There were horror stories going around to scary kids but none of the kids believed the stories until kids started to mysteriously disappear. Josh goes into the area to investigate an abandoned mental institution. It is noted that Staten Island was a huge dumpster during the 80s, where garbage, contaminated chemicals, and bodies were dumped. Many of these missing kids were found in this dumpster. And, mafia mobsters also dumped their dead bodies there. There were also dark woods in that area. This story was also connected with the “son of Sam” murder mystery, which had to do with satanic cults and human sacrifice. It was also noted that these missing kids were sexually abused and then sold to satanic cults for human sacrifice. So, this Cropsey story was also connected to pedophilia and child trafficking, which is the usual case that leads to solving missing children stories. It is also noted that these kids were all handicapped, such as mentally retarded and Down Syndrome issues. The clues in this documentary lead to Andre Rand as the murderer.

This movie also reminds me of that low-budget film Blair Witch Project, which has the same plot of a mysterious killer snatching kids and killing them. But the Cropsey documentary is more interesting because it has media footage, where Zeman tries to solve the mystery.

I decided to add an interview with Josh Zeman about filming his documentary Cropsey instead of adding a trailer. There are more videos of trailers, interviews, and even the full documentary on YouTube if you want to watch this Cropsey documentary. Cropsey is the urban legend of a mysterious killer in Staten Island that Josh Zeman wanted to investigate and research because many kids who had mysteriously gone missing. His research lead to Andre Rand being the possible killer. It was also noted that Rand’s mother was in a similar mental institution environment.

It is also interesting to note that Hollywood makes movies of such missing kids movies, which have to do with “into the woods.” Due do various internet research, I now realize that there are lots of dark acts going on in dark woods, such as human hunting parties, human sacrifice, child sacrifice, sexual abuse, rape, and satanic rituals. And, Hollywood uses real stories to make movies, but change things to fictionalize the original story in order to promote their demented MK-Ultra mind control version on viewers.

In this interview, Josh Zeman ties various horror movie stories to actual similar murder cases, but with a twist because it happened differently in the real-life murder case. There is also a connection to creepy clown films and Native American burial sites filled with ghosts.


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