Creating a Busy Schedule

Tuesday, 8.4.20

On Tuesday, I started my day with another hour and a half of yoga  at the park, which was also meditative. But the sky this morning looked cloudy or overcast. There were some geese hanging out at the park, which are cute. I returned home and did a lot of housework. I had recently bought a Bissel pet hair remover vacuum because it is often difficult to take out the cat hair from the rugs. This product works well. I had to stop to empty the pet hair a couple of times, and after a couple of times, I needed to recharge the vacuum, which takes 8 hours. This vacuum has two parts, a regular vacuum and a small part that can be used to clean small areas, like the inside of a car, couch cushions, etc. It was also on sale in Target. I went to the big Target, and I used the $10-off discount ecard that I received in my mail for complaining on the Target Online Chat about the annoying small Target arguing with me to use the self-checkout, which I don’t like using and promoting that the regular register is now only for returns. 

While recharging the Bissel vacuum, I worked on other reorganizing projects. By 6 pm, I decided to go to a walking meetup. Around 15 people showed up on this hilly sidewalk walk, but everyone walked at their own pace, and I was naturally ahead of the group because I walk faster, which felt like I was walking by myself. But I noticed there were many people outside, probably because they have nothing better to do during this New World Order agenda bullshit. Many people are enjoying the outdoors more, whether walking, cycling, swimming, playing tennis, doing outdoor yoga, rollerblading, or just enjoying a family picnic. 

I arrived home at 9 pm, and I noticed I walked 4.5 miles, which was over 10,000 steps and 12 floors. I noticed at the beginning of this evening’s walk, I felt a little tired. And, after the walk, I felt more energized. I noticed that many people are going out more because they are starting to feel depressed at home. They have nothing better to do and they are forgetting what day it is. 

I also noticed a white car at the park’s parking lot, which has a freemasonry compass logo, and the title York Rites of Freemasonry printed on it.


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