Crazy Celebs Selfie Analysis

Thursday, 5.21.20

I watched some videos to check out Crazy Celebrity Analysis. Rita Wilson acts like she is a Youtube Influencer but on Instagram, modeling and posing to promote shit. Her makeup and hair looks good, but she is annoying because she looks like a fool, doing this at her age.

Jim Hanks is Tom Hanks’ younger brother and body double. I think Tom Hanks has 2 or 3 brothers, and they all look alike. His younger brother went on Oprah, back in the 90s, to talk about how many women approached him, thinking he is Tom. 

On Tagged social network, over ten years ago, I met a man who looked like Tom Hanks and he had the same last name, but he said he wasn’t related to him. I wasn’t sure who that was, but I thought that was weird. 


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