Cool Autumn Evening Tonight…

Tuesday, 10.1.19

Today is a cool evening, which was nice. Before I went to the walking meetup, I checked my mailbox, and noticed my retainers have arrived, which is faster than they had said. I had ordered two from online Walmart website because they were cheap. They said it would arrive on October 9th, and it actually arrived much earlier. Cool! It usually arrives earlier. I opened the small packages to check them out, and I actually noticed 3 retainers. They appear to be the same material as my mouth guard, but more clear, different shape, and professional-looking. I want to wear them at night when I sleep. I tried one on, and it fit good, covering both the top teeth and bottom teeth, mostly the front part of the mouth. All three come with its own container. I put it aside, and drove to my walking meetup.

By 6:30 pm, I noticed it feels cool today. I should have bought a scarf and knit hat. But someone said tomorrow will be hot, at around 90 degrees. Typical So. Cali weather. 20 people showed up for this meetup. I decided to walk both lakes. It felt nice to walk in cool weather. It actually felt like autumn weather.  I am sick of the humidity. 

Afterwards, some people stayed for a snack, and I felt like eating a frozen yogurt for a change. I chose two flavor inside my small container–banana covered with chocolate and iced coffee flavors, and I added a little bit of different pieces on top, include a small banana piece dipped in chocolate and on a stick. I created my own small frozen yogurt sundae. It was good.

I drove home at 9:30 pm, and changed into my nightwear. After flossing and brushing my teeth, I decided to wear one of these new retainers. 

I noticed many cute brown bunnies hopping around. I hope they are safe, as well as other wildlife, including coyotes, wolves, and wildcats. They all need their own wildlife sanctuary. And, domestic animals should be indoors full time for their own protection as well as cleanliness. 


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