CNN & NYTimes Exposes as Fake News

Thursday, April 16, 2020

You must take your temperature before you enter a restaurant and throw away the menu after someone touches it.

12 to 18 months to lockdown a vaccine.

New York Times creating many Fake News, blaming the Coronavirus on Russia.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

FBI is currently investigating Hillary Clinton’s dealings with foreign countries, after Trump exposes Hillary’s 33,000 emails. Such emails were written during her work as Treasury of State. Trump also states that CNN are not trusted anymore because they are fake news.


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  1. New Zealand is currently in lockdown 4, which we began early as we cant afford to allow it to spread further.
    which is why we have only 9 deaths, though in my opinion 9 dead is too much, no one should die from this.

    We will probably forbid travel outside NZ for a very long time.
    Now when we go to the chemist, your temperature is taken straight away.

    We wear mask and gloves going to a pharmacy or supermarket.

    Now soon if we go into lockdown 3 , it will be much the same except a few businesses that can keep a distance of 2 metres apart mask and gloves can begin…We don’t know this out come on decisions but will see.

    Our Corona virus cases are going down because we began isolation sooner and not later.


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