Checking Out Sales for my Birthday

Wednesday, 8.19.20

Around 1:30pm, I drove to South Coast Plaza. The indoor mall is now partially closed. Only the department stores and major stores and restaurants are open. I parked by Nordstrom. I browsed inside but I didn’t see anything interesting, and everything was still expensive anyway. It wasn’t much of a sale. So, I walked out, and made a round trip walking around the mall and stopping at certain stores from the parking lot. I stopped at Forever 21, Macys, and Bloomingdales. I found two beige bras in Macys, and they were half price. I didn’t go inside Saks Fifth Avenue because they are too expensive anyway. But I did stop at the Metro Pointe, across the street from the mall, to browse through outlet stores. I got some items from Saks 5th Off outlet and Nordstrom Rack. But I just browsed through Bloomingdales Outlet. The weather wasn’t that bad.There was a light breeze in Costa Mesa. I returned home at 5 pm. There were people at the mall, at different department stores, but it was quiet and depressing. It is usually lively when it was normal. 

That is all I did for my birthday. Nothing really going on. I didn’t go to the Spectrum Center. Maybe I will go there in the weekend to see how it is there. 

I checked my iPhone, and I noticed I had walked 2.9 miles, 7,553 steps, and 4 floors. 


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