Celebrities Partying with Homemade Pizza

April 2019 Ellen DeGeneres clip

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are at a pizza party with George Clooney. A murder mystery? He appears to be promoting his movie, where he and Jennifer are playing a married couple. I guess they filmed the movie all over Europe, and while they were in Lake Como, they went to George Clooney’s house. He sat by Bono at their pizza party. I think he appears to be ignoring Ellen, and not really making eye contact with her, as he promotes the movie and talks about the pizza party. 

I wonder if Pizza Party is code for Pedophile Party…

Jennifer and George are friends.

George and Amal made homemade pizza for this pizza party. 

Jennifer also makes wonderful pizza?

All of the sudden, many celebrities are into making homemade pizza. Are they all in house arrest or are they making this homemade pizza with human meat?


What do you think?

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