Cats Explained

Saturday, December 28, 2019

This video explains the Cats movie, as well as each cat’s personality. It uses digital fur technology or cgi. Each cat competes at the Jellicle ball contest in order to win the price of dying and being reincarnated into a better cat. Creepy. But this is similar to Lion King’s Circle of Life.

It is based on a TS Elliot poem about 33 practical cats.

Gumbie Cat—lazy cat that sits a lot, played by Rebel Wilson. I do remember a song in the movie about Gumbie Cat, in which I thought was interesting because my cat’s name is Gumby, but he is active.

Bomburalina, played by Taylor Swift, is the flirty cat.

Rum Tum Tugger is the Curious Cat, but he sounds fussy because he prefers the opposite of what he is given. He appears to be self-centered.

Jellicle Cats are performers who love to sing and dance.

Grizabella played by Jennifer Hudson, who is the jaded unkempt cat.

Macavity is the criminal.


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