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Cats Comparison of 2019 movie with musicals

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Too many people are talking about this movie that I decided to check out more videos. This video talks about Tom Hooper and Cats the movie. This movie seems to be the latest hot topic all over the internet. I just watched Mama Mia on the indie channel. It was OK, which starred Emma Stone, Pierce Brosnan, and Meryl Streep. 

This first video explains the Cats story but with a different older cast.

This second video compares the CATS characters in 1998 video with the 2019 film.

Victoria—the white kitten–was abandoned into the alley in the beginning of the film.

Mistoflees—the black and white tuxedo magician cat.

Monkeystrap—narrator of the movie

Old Deuteronomy—the old Queen or King cat in charge of judging the Jessicle Ball contest to pick who should die and become reincarnated. 

Grizabella—jaded unkempt hopeless cat, crawling around, ready for death.

Rum Tum Tucker—rock and roll sexy and cocky cat

Buster Jones—fat male cat with top hat

Macavity—criminal cat who looks like a pimp, and I think he was Grizabella’s pimp.

Asparagus or Gus—old male cat

Bumbaralina—sexy and flirty female cat

Jennyanydots or Gumbie Cat—who lounges a lot inside the house, entertaining herself with dancing mice and cockroach army.

The Train Cat who was a tap dancer in the movie on the train tracks.

Twin cats—Plato and Socrates—I don’t remember them. Mystical twins with psychic powers.

Another interesting video about the musical. 


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