Book Review: Ruby the Foster Dog

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Ruby the Foster Dog

by Jimmy Wayne

Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC

Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC

Children’s Fiction

Pub Date 01 Nov 2017

I am reviewing Ruby the Foster Dog through Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC and Netgalley:

Ruby is an adorable mixed breed puppy with an underbite who was abandoned in an animal shelter. Just a couple of days before she is to be put down a scruffy man comes to adopt her  Mr James was not the family she was expecting but could this man be the answer to Ruby’s prayers?

Mr James, or Jimmy Wayne to his country music fans is walking halfway across the country to raise funds and awareness to the thousands of Foster children who desperately need help.  Ruby soon realizes she was not much different from these kids, she had been scared and alone before Mr James had rescued her.

On their journey halfway across the country Mr James teaches Ruby about loyalty, integrity, selflessness and love.  By the time they make it tomPhoenix both of their lives are changed forever, and for the better.

I found Ruby the Foster Dog to be beautifully written and illustrated, with a good message for kids from third to sixth grades.

I give Ruby the Foster Dog five out of five stars!

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