Bollywood Movie Review: Chandni Bar (2001)

Watched “Chandni Bar” (2001) as a Friday night movie pick.  Chose this film because I was not familiar with any of the Indian actors or actresses.  As far as the acting, the script, etc. … it was fine.  I say “fine”?  But according to Wikipedia:   “The film was a critically acclaimed hit and it won four National Film Awards.”

Well! I don’t want to spoil it for others who have not seen the film.  Don’t get me wrong.  The performances were award-worthy.  It’s just that … if I were to use one word to describe the storyline, that word would be “hopeless”.

Throughout the movie, I kept hoping.  But my hope was never fulfilled.  I was very moved by the characters and the harsh realities of life they faced daily; especially as the threads of their daily lives were sewn into the fabric of the criminal underworld.  Definitely not a Cinderella fairy tale.

It was a very sad ending.




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    • My late husband started me watching Bollywood movies. He liked the singing and the dancing and the fact that most of the films didn’t use foul language and have unnecessary nudity. In other words, they were wholesome family entertainment. I liked them because it was a complete exposure to a different culture. When I was a kid, I hardly ever saw real Indian people in the movies.

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