Black Monday: The Quest for Toilet Paper? WTF

Monday, 3.30.20

I woke up early because I had to the post office, and I wanted to check Trader Joes for toilet paper. I also dropped by mini Target for college students, and they were completely out of toilet paper. A woman said to come back at 1 pm to check. I walked toward Trader Joes and noticed a long that snaked around the remodeled movie theater, which still appears to be in remodeling phase, now that it is closed from the public. The long line had X-spots, marked every six feet with purple tape for social distancing. Not all people were wearing masks, and some were also wearing rubber gloves. So, I stood in line, I thought, wtf. The sun came out, which was nice because at least I am getting my required Vitamin D while I waited. I also reorganized my purse. I entered Trader Joes, and noticed no toilet paper. But I did get paper towels, which was limited, one pack per customer. That is all I need anyway, for now. I also got toothpaste and dishwasher detergent. 

I wonder if Costco or Walmart have toilet paper. I still have a couple of rolls, but I just want one pack. I have never had this problem with seeking toilet paper. In the past, there were always some in the store, regardless when I went to the grocery store. 


What do you think?

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