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Are You Going Overboard With Self-Quarantine?

As I see it, the most important part of self-quarantine is to not go overboard. 14 days worth of groceries, is sufficient, Don’t do what the Aussies did, and hoard toilet paper, or like the Chinese did with their “paper masks in public.” That’s just plain obsessive I believe. Just watch how zombie movies will now start taking their mental toll…Just be reasonable folks, that’s just fiction for fear effect.

Also, be smart…clean your home and car with a fresh vacuum, disinfect common surfaces, leave your shoes near the front door, add some house plants to increase oxygen and take an appropriate inventory before shopping. Learn to wash your hands with soap and warm water every couple of hours.

If you are in the US, make sure you let Spring into your home as the weather warms up. Try not to mistake a pollen sneeze or cough for anything worse than seasonal allergies, of course. Read books, limit news anxiety, especially if you are in large urban areas.

Don’t go crazy hoarding bread, milk and eggs, all three do not freeze that well. You will run out, and there will be local businesses that will welcome your regular support.

Make sure you have protein sources, fresh fruit, healthy snacks and get lots of rest. Spend time turning leftover chicken, veg, and starches into soups and stews.

Take in enough to account for what extra time you will spend at home v. Work or School. This is ‘Merica…Pizza and Chinese Food will still be made. Asians are not infected, foreigners. Address how you respond to fear and prejudice.

People will deliver to you, but may only leave your packages on your doorstep. Set aside some extra household cash for tipping during your home sequestering. Remember how physically dirty currency really can become, so use small sanitized envelopes if you like or include the tip in your order total. Remain calm.

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  1. as a seasonal allergy sufferer (i am allergic to Choke-Cherry pollen and now is the time around us that those trees are producing their pollen)!

    i am embarrassed to sneeze!

    It is however as you rightly point out a balance. I like the be smart, be careful, be alive! phrase!

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