Black Friday Shopping Can Be Practical

Black Friday, 11.29.19

Today, I decided to check out the camera film sale at Pro Photo Connections. I bought one Kodak colored film. Then, I went to Woodbridge, where the above photo was taken to check out some items at Grocery Outlet. Early this week, I noticed cat food and treats for Gumby. He has a lot of food and treats for Christmas gifts. He will enjoy it all December. I also got some extra items for me, such as herbal teas, organic bananas, organic breads, and two turmeric drinks.

It was cold but sunny today. The sun came out nicely, as well as bold white clouds seemed closer than ever. As I was driving, I noticed large white clouds looked very 3D, sticking out of the sky more than usual because the edges were so clear and dark. They looked so round and full, rather than their usual soft and fluffy cotton-like, or even white cotton-candy-like softness. As I was driving, I was thinking about drawing it, or even trying to draw it on Corel. It is simple and natural things like this that give me artist inspiration.

That was my Black Friday shopping. I got some items on sale that I needed. 


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