Bill Gates Reading

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I checked out this video for fun, just to see what she will actually say. She does a Bill Gates reading. It is based on Vedic Astrology.

He is interested in doing dark aspects. He is logical, but he isn’t able to communicate well. He wants to express himself, but his intention is dark. He has control issues and integrity issues. There is something hidden about him that he doesn’t want everyone to know. He is interested in death, and his intentions have to do with death. This is the year that will highlight his true intentions in the world.

He has full function to achieve what he wants with success, especially financially successful. He was ripping off other Tech Companies, in which he was accused by Steve Jobs. It is true. He is authoritative, with leadership skills. He has a false way of exposing his authority, in which makes him appear untrustworthy. He often copied others people to work on his tech company.

Moreover, he is often tyrannical as authority figure. He imposes a false sense of authority on other people. It is exposing his true intentions…

He tries to appear to be selfless in order to pull off being a philanthropist, which is false. He isn’t innovative, either. Global ideology? Bill’s father was into Plan Parenthood and eugenics, which is what Bill is pursuing.  His father was very influential in Bill, in which he is following his father’s footsteps. His father had evil intentions, as well.

Bill is interested in the health industry? But his interest and intentions are quite twisted. He doesn’t quite know what his role in health is, but it has to do with materialistic. He is trying to make money with the health industry, not necessarily to health others. He has very evil intentions.

He is extremely filled with hidden motives. He has many secrets. He might also be a pedophile because he used to go to Epstein’s Island. He wants power and control. He is interested in dominating and controlling others. He sees himself as a guru. He promotes himself as being more knowledgeable than he really is. His interest has to do with global travel and entire world. He wants to destroy religion.

He wants recognition as “savior” as well as money, as he promotes himself as doing something good for the world. He is definitely someone that should be questioned.

He has many hobbies, and he reads a lot. He wants to implement ideas. But what he really wants to do is questionable.

Current time: the truth is coming out right now, exposing him and his intentions. It is going to hold him accountable. Someone will go to prison. More and more people are waking up, and no one will trust him. This New World Order One World Lockdown agenda of vaccines and microchip is bad timing. It is not a good time to do this. In September, there will be prison time and indictments. Karma will get Bill Gates.

Within the next two months, the truth will continue to come out. He will be disgraced and humiliated. He might even go somewhere and hide out.

His New World Order agenda of vaccine and microchip will be delayed or even stopped. He won’t be able to harm anyone. Something will stop him from achieving what he wants to achieve. Something will limit and restrict him from pursuing his evil goals. He is already feeling the pressure right now, probably from his Instagram page because many people are telling him how they really feel about his vaccine, microchip, and his other shit, such as Microsoft issues.

As he works his promotions, he feels very scared. He is even telling his own family to protect themselves because he feels people might go after him.

 Many people are exposing the truth about him right now, and he will never be the same again.

(This reading about Bill Gates sounds good. I hope it is true). 


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  1. ignore my typos in this post. i accidentally wrote the wrong word because i was typing fast while listening to the video. I was also trying to decipher the astrological content because i dont know too much about astrology, except my birth sign. hence, i wrote too much, which ended up with typing a different word than intended, and the sentence sounds weird. but this reading makes sense. i hope he really gets caught before it is too late.

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