Bee in the Pool

Thursday, 7.2.20

At 4:30 pm, I decided to swim in the pool. The Association pools opened around the beginning of June. But I haven’t swam or sat in the jacuzzi for a long time. I used to go to the pool a lot when I was in my 20s and 30s, and as I got older, I seemed to go there less and less. The pool water was nice and warm saline water. It felt good. I swam some laps and just played in the water, doing water exercises. Then, I sat in the jacuzzi for a while. I put my feet against the jacuzzi jets for a foot massage. It was hot, but not too hot. At 5:30 pm, I decided to leave. I should go to the pool more often because I need to swim more. It felt refreshing. While I was in the pool, a bee landed on me, but it wouldn’t fly off. It was just walking on me. So, I went to a grassy area, and placed it on one of the green leaves.


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